Angry Gran Run

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Angry Gran Run

Angryg Ran Run

Angry Gran Run – Not Your Ordinary Grandmother’s Game

Angry Gran Run is a videogame about a grandmother that was imprisoned in Angry Asylum by an agent known as Fred. This grandmother has planned her escape. Once she’s out of prison, she needs your help and to guide her through the streets of the city so she won’t get arrested again.

Interesting Features

One interesting thing about Angry Gran Run is that it updates to new city streets every month. You will not be stuck playing in the same jungle, city, railway station, or temple all the time. You have lots of options as to what city streets you want granny to run each day.

Nasty guys are always around and granny has to knock them out of the way. There are lots of coins that can be collected. Granny can use these coins to buy items, power ups, and upgrades in the shop after each level. The upgrades in Angry Gran Run aren’t absolutely necessary; granny can still run fine through the streets on her two feet without those items from the shop.

Controls and Game Play

To move granny to the left or right, just tilt your mobile device to the left or right to grab those coins or evade those deadly obstacles along the streets. For granny to jump, just swipe upwards; to slide, swipe downwards; to go into corners, swipe sideways.

With Angry Gran Run, the city streets will not always be clear. Watch out for those outrageous creatures that will suddenly appear, like dinosaurs and aliens. Just maneuver grandma away from these creatures and other obstacles and you get to stay in the game.

This is just a heads-up. The Angry Gran Run game system will tempt you to use your diamonds so you can continue your run in case granny dies before you finish a level. It’s all up to you if you want to use them. In spite of that, the game will still give you some cool real fun.


  1. ANGRY WOMEN says:

    every time I get on this game It wont let me PLAY IT

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