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G Switch – An Interesting and Enjoyable Browser Game

G Switch is a gravity inversion game that promises nothing less than simple fun action. This game will test a player’s memory, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination. There are no missions to achieve, which makes it a bit simplistic – but that’s where the fun comes in.The game controls are very easy since you only need to hit only one button!

The Challenge and Game Play

There are lots of obstacles in G Switch that your character must avoid during the game. Players can only avoid them by hitting the gravity switch – ergo the name of the game. The switch will invert the gravity in the game that allows the player’s character to jump down or up.

Timing is the key element in G Switch. To help you get used to the timing, you can play single player and try to go as far as you can without hitting any obstacles along the way. To activate the gravity switch, click your left mouse button. Alternatively, you can also press X on your keyboard to produce the same effect.

G Switch has three game modes to choose from – Play, Endless, and Multiplayer. In play mode, you have to run to the finish line by passing through eight checkpoints. Of course, the first checkpoints will be easy to pass through.It gets harder as you are nearing the finish line.

The G Switchendless mode is a little different from regular play mode. In endless mode, players run as far as they can go. The only way to end the game is to get caught in the obstacles or turn the game off yourself.

Multiplayer mode is where a lot of fun begins. You can have up to six players on this game. What’s more is that all of you will have to use the same keyboard – well, you’re going to press different buttons anyway. You can have a lot of challenging and fun times with your buddies.

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