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In Running Fred you will be trying to run and dodge like a car. You might get into an accident or worse get impaled to death by pikes so make sure you stay healthy or at least have life insurance. The objective of this trial run is to get the best credit and score and try to beat your own record. Death will be chasing you so if your slow you will be caught. Fred must protect himself at all cost. Use the arrow keys to move and space button to jump. If you enjoy Running Fred than try it’s sequel Running Fred 2. All these games will test your reflexes so be quick and be smart. Always collect gold coins so you can make better investment by upgrading your garment. Having fun is important but so is style and fashion. Fred must run fast and cover great distances be the best player you can be by getting the best scores.  Running Fred combines the best control in a third person platformer and is action packed gore fest that will give you a thrill.  Fred is very acrobatic and has esperate moves that allows him to get special items to help him fight enemies in different locations.

G Switch:

If you enjoyed Running Fred try G Switch. In G switch you must be able to go extremely fast and you have to hop from floor to ceiling by switching the gravity is different direction. As your progress the task becomes more difficult but do not disrepair the game has automatic checkpoint so you don’t have to start from the beginning. Press X to invert gravity and run past obstacles to be the best G Switch player in the world. G switch can be very frustrating but it rewards patients and determination so don’t let it’s difficulty get in the way of your amazing experience. This game features multi-player edition so you can compete against your friends to see who is the better player. It also tracks your scores so you know who is ahead after each death. The control in this game is very simple you just need to press one button to play but it’s difficulty knows no bound as you start running at speeds that is unfathomable. Many say this game is much harder and than Running Fred  series.

Angry Gran Run:

Just like you loved Running Fred and all the other running games than you will definitely love the Angry Gran Run series.  You play as a Granny trying to collect all the coins to upgrade for better gear. You will run through the streets by hitting pedestrians and dodging traps and by jumping or sliding underneath obstacles. The game has two other version featuring different geographical location. One is played in the street of Cairo called Angry Gran Run Cairo and another one is a Halloween theme game called Angry Gran Run Halloween. Both of these games are very similar to the original Angry Gran Run but has an assortment of costumes and upgrades which makes them unique in their own right.

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