Running Fred


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Arrow Key to move and press 'X' or Space button to jump.


To run off walls hold 'X' button or Space button when you are touching side of the wall.
You can multi jump by pressing 'X' or Space multiple times to do double or multi jump.
Terrain is repeated many times so keep trying until you figure out all the obstacles for certain course.
Some runs might have harder obstacle than others so don’t be discouraged if you get a low score in certain terrain. The key to success is to keep trying until you get familiar with harder obstacles, remember double jump will solve lot of your problems.
This game is all about having fun so if you’re getting frustrated try playing some other running games on our site. It’s a fact that when people are frustrated or angry they tend to perform poorly compared to a person that is calm and collected. Strategy and memorizing obstacle is best way to get the highest score.

Runing Fred:

Running Fred is the much anticipated sequel to Falling Fred and is one of the best Running Games and very popular and accessible to all. In Running Fred you will be trying to run and dodge like a car. You might get into an accident or worse get impaled to death by pikes so make sure you stay healthy or at least have life insurance. This game is always available on Iphone and tablets. If your playing on a smaller devices such as an Android Phone or Iphone please trying to play by fliping your phone horizontal to get maximum screen for the game.