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Running Fred

Running Fred Game


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Running Fred is the much anticipated sequel to Falling Fred and is one of the best Running Games and very popular and accessible to all. In Running Fred you will be trying to run and dodge like a car. You might get into an accident or worse get impaled to death by pikes so make sure you stay healthy or at least have life insurance. This game is always available on Iphone and tablets. If your playing on a smaller devices such as an Android Phone or Iphone please trying to play by flipping your phone horizontal to get maximum screen for the game. Running fred is one of the post popular games played on tablets with over half a million players. Run Fred , Runing Fred and what ever other name it is know by is easy to start but hard to master. It is enjoyed

Quick Thoughts on the Android game 'Running Fred' There are millions of apps currently available on Google Play, Android's marketplace for installable apps. In terms of selection, you would have more than your fill of choices. From educational to productivity apps, photo-editing to spy camera apps, there are tons of apps to choose from. The same is true with games. With the sheer number of Android games available, it is hard to settle with only one title. To be sure, there is something available for the kind of player that you are. But if you just want a game that you can while away time with while having fun at the same time, Running Fred would be a great choice. The premise of Running Fred is nothing new. In fact you may have come across a similar concept in other Android games before, notably hits like Temple Run. Essentially, the game is about Fred, who has to navigate his way through different trails, all with increasing difficulty, as he leaps over challenges, earns points, and overcomes traps. The sequel to the equally popular Falling Fred, Running Fred utilizes the same elements and style that have made its prequel a smash hit. Here, you take full control of Fred as he struggles to remain alive and still be part of the living. Similar to Falling Fred, there is a lot of over the top gore in Running Fred 2-- something that lends a hint of excitement and fun as you level up in the game. There are three game modes that you can choose from: Adventure, Challenge, and Endless Survival. Adventure mode is best for players who are just starting out and who would like to have a feel of the game. Challenge mode is a little trickier, with greater difficulty level and more traps to deal with. Endless Survival, on the other hand, is the most exciting mode, allowing you to make full use of the game's features as you keep Fred from dying. One of the main draws of Running Fred is the dynamics of the game itself. Each trail presents unique traps that your character should combat. You can also take full advantage of the acrobatic maneuvers of each character; who, by the way, you can customize with special outfits according to your own preference. Feel like leveling up? Aside from the usual perks and rewards along the trail, there are also other in-app purchases that you can make

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