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Running Fred 2

Running Fred 2

Running Fred 2 – Run For Your Life While Having Fun

Running Fred 2 is a follow-up game of Falling Fred from Dedalord Games. The goal of the game is for Fred to make it in one piece from start to finish within a level. Fred has to dodge and avoid all those death traps that he will encounter along the way while running away from Grim Reaper who is always at his heels.

Game Play Action

There are three game modes of Running Fred 2. These are Adventure, Survival, and Challenge modes. Adventure mode has a timer on so your performance is rated on how long did it took Fred to finish a certain level. Collect those valuable coins and pass through those obstacles without dying as fast as you can.

In Survival mode, you are rated based on the distance that Fred has covered in a single run before getting killed. The number of coins that you have collected is also considered in the rating.

The Challenge mode of Running Fred 2 is highly recommended for avid gamers. It will only be unlocked once you have collected enough number of coins and mastered the first two game modes. The Skullies that you have collected in the other game modes will be used to unlock challenge mode.

Running Fred 2 also has controllable options like Gore, Game Center, and iCloud. You can control the violence and bloodshed in the game by choosing Disable or Enable Gore. The Game Center will sync your scores with your friends so you can tell who is at the top. The iCloud is one of the unique features of the game. Once you are synced with the Cloud, you can save your game scores and performance from one device to another.

Running Fred 2 is full of excitement and a bit addicting. Some players have spent many hours immersed in the game.