Running Games



Parkour is a Free-Running Game with graffiti added in. Escape from the police as you leap over vehicles, rooftops and other obstacles and collect aerosol cans of paint. The more jumps you…
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run run ran

Run Run Ran

Run, Slide , Jump , Shoot , beat epic Boss. If thats not enough, transform into lycan to kill enemies and destroy all items .
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ice run

Ice Run

Steer your penguin to success in this fun, collect em up racing game. Get to the top of the scoreboard by collecting stars and taking down enemy penguins.
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Drift Runners 3d

Drift Runners 3D

Fast paced cross-country racing game, with multiple unlocks, upgrades, and zones. Use the handbrake to drift on bends, and build up boost by getting drift chains.
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run 2

Run 2

A game about running, jumping, ignoring certain laws of physics, and trying on roller skates.
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Run 3

Run, skate, float, bounce, and/or jump your way through even more space tunnels! Don’t worry if they fall apart on you, repairing them is someone else’s job.
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Ninja Slash

Ninja Slash

An endless runner, ninja style. RUN like a ninja and SLASH the zombies!
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Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran run is back. This game has the fit grandma crashing through people gliding under and jumping over obstacles. Collect coins and upgrade your gear the grandma runs faster as time passes.…
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G Switch

G Switch

In G switch you must be able to go extremely fast and you have to hop from floor to ceiling by switching the gravity is different direction. As your progress the task becomes more difficult…
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Running Fred 2

Running Fred 2

Fred is back and this time he doesn’t have all his abilities at the start. This rewards players that play the game more by allowing them buy new abilities like double jump , new costumes…
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